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and Plant Medicine




Ashleigh Rae Armstrong

Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHT)

Neuro-linguistic Practitioner (NLP)

 Chartered Herbalist (CH)

About Ashleigh:

Although I primarily attract fear of intimacy, my passion is in working with anyone who is being abused or has had to deal with abuse and the after affects of abuse.

Issues can include, but don't have to include, PTSD, trauma, fear, anxiety, grief, depression, lack of confidence, and addictions.  

Grief, Anger, oppression, guilt, and fear or something else. 

I also have a passion for Past Life Regression (PLR) which is explained  below.  When I've facilitate this type of work, I witness healing in areas of chronic pain, generational trauma and problems that weren't otherwise being solved.

I worked in hospitals on the lower mainland for 10 years surrounding traumatic injuries to the skeleton and the brain where I was support staff.  This led me to Plant Medicine, and I was able to make a difference primarily in dealing with physical pain, and common mental and emotional ailments.

During this time I faced many challenges in my personal life. I overcame psychological trauma, debilitating grief, deep down oppression and fears.  

In 2017, I began my training into healing others through the mind, the invisible part of the mind. The training I received in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro linguistic Programming is life changing quickly. 

In order to belong to the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association),I have to complete many hours of education every 12 months. Our collective mind is ever-expanding.

Call me for a short chat and we can decide how to move up and on and forward. 

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Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses the power of suggestion to elicit change. It's been practiced in every culture throughout history dating back at least 5000 years. Evidence suggests that ancient Egyptians had guided sleep temples, where they would go to rest, as well as program themselves for survival.

NLP (Neuroliguistic Programming)

NLP was discovered in the 1970's.  It began with 2 men*.  One being a Doctor, and the other was a Linguist.  They began a study researching and collecting information on the most successful and elite people in the world at that time. They lived with the skilled, went to work with these people, watched, talked, interviewed, and compared.  Through this study they were able to articulate and identify how the subjects took in information (experience), processed the information (experience) and then put out, or externalized the information. 


Hypnotherapy and NLP both work with the Subconscious. The Subconscious is that deeper operating system running in the background  of us. It's the witness to everything that we experience (and believe), but cannot remember. 


Its very different then traditional therapy or mind medicine in the way that, Psychotherapy most often works with the conscious part of ourselves,  That conscious part being the part that we are very aware of.

Where as, the subconscious mind is our control center.  ​It's the part of us that we are often unaware of.


I use these techniques because I can, and because they make sense.  I see rapid shifts in behavior and thought on a daily basis.. I use these modalities because I'm allowed to show clients ideas that they haven't been able to access anywhere else.  I practice this way because it is deeply rewarding to guide, see, and hear about rapid changes taking place in others lives. Mostly, I do this work because it is complex, but also simple. It's awareness, and unaware, It's subtle and not subtle. Its foreign and natural. It's contradicting, and speaks to a level, and dimension that we consciously don't easily recognize unless taught.  I get to teach people how to live without mental weight and sadness, because I know that we don't have to live with that weight if we know how not to..  


When? Now. Here.

If you know their is more to life then this, call me. 

I normally have a 2-3 week turnover so you can call me and book today.

Due to the pandemic, I am currently seeing clients over Zoom and finding this equally as effective as in person consultations.

We change and grow and evolve naturally.  That 

Cultivating Deep Inner Strength Through Hypnosis and Plant Medicine

for Women

2 Day Intensive Workshop

Are you one of many women who know that there's more to life?

Do you want more freedom? Respect? Do you want to be heard? Do you want to have stronger, healthier relationships? More confidence?


Learn how to set healthy boundaries.

Learn how to spot manipulators.

Develop life skills for dealing with any challenge, large or small. Experience hypnosis and what it feels like.

Learn how to use and trust your intuition.

Learn how to effectively manifest who you want to be. 


Create the human experience you deserve because you've learned that you completely deserve it.

for Men
Healthy Expression
A Workshop 

A man may conquer a million men in battle but one who conquers himself is, indeed, the greatest of conquerors.


Are you confused? Do you want control over your anger?  Do you want healthy relationships in all of the areas of your life? Do you want insight into why you behave the way that you do? Do you want to communicate more effectively?

Be brave.

Gain awareness. 

Gain confidence. 

Learn how to manage stress.


The whole wide world is not on your shoulders.  Gain inner perspective in this intensive one day workshop.



Past Life Regression is another passion of mine.  PLR employs Hypnotherapy techniques that allow your Subconscious Mind to communicate with you through images, thought, feeling, scenes or internal movies. This phenomena is based on the idea of the Subconscious Mind storing all of your experiences and beliefs since the beginning of time. 

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, PLR allows the Subconscious Mind an avenue to communicate with you any wisdom, knowledge, or lessons that it wants you to know for this life.  The life that you are living right now.  

PLR involves guiding you into a deep state of trance (Hypnosis), and allowing the unconscious mind to show you why you are the way that you are. It takes those learnings and translates (often specifically) into what you can do differently.  PLR can also be very beneficial in resolving chronic pain.

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